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What is creative

It is the use of creative practices and imagination alongside talk-based trauma informed therapy.

The integrative approach means we will refer to a wide selection of psychotherapy theories and art practices that become integrated through the therapeutic relationship and the counselling session.
These might include; psychodynamic, Jungian, Gestalt, transactional analysis, mentalisation and neuroscience (if you want to know more about these different approaches then we can discuss).

Essentially it's about finding the best approach for you!

mixed media collage with words and some sketch annotations, abstract
black and white pencil drawing of two women hugging, one holding the other's head

Types of art we might explore:

visual imagery
painting, drawing, collaging, postcards
bodywork, somatic & mindfulness practices
imagery in language
poetry, metaphors, dreamwork, folklore, mythologies, story telling
sand tray

The work is process based, meaning we use different creative practices to explore your inner world.

It is not an art lesson, and no previous art experience is required. You don't have to use any of the arts.

Sometimes just having a space to talk is enough. Sometimes an image might capture what you want to share. Sometimes you might want to shout, dance, move. 

All is welcome.

The time is yours. 

Black and white mixed collage, a woman's head is held in someone's chest, paint splatters, the word regret

Imagine something different

Forest pathway with thick fog in Surrey, England. Bare trees creating a misty, lost, obscure feeling.
Black and white collage of a woman holding one hand on her heart and one on her belly handwritten and typed notes to the side
Are you suffering or looking for support with:

Bereavement and grief
Anxiety and depression
Trauma (C-PTSD and PTSD)
Family dynamics
Struggles with addiction
Women’s Health

Reproductive loss
Sexuality & Identity
Reproductive Health
Feeling stuck in life

Lack of creativity

Lets explore this together

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